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 I know from residing in the community for so many years, that the problems our county has with drugs, domestic violence and other crimes is severe, and I want to work hard to resolve these issues.

Berkeley, WV County has a higher rate of violent crime compared to the US average, with an incidence rate of 21.3 compared to 22.7. Property crime is also above the US average, at 46.6 compared to 35.4. This means that Berkeley County experiences higher levels of both violent and property crimes when compared to the national averages, indicating an overall heightened risk for criminal activity in the area. 

“With the increase in population here in Berkeley County these last 10 years of about a 19 percent increase in population, and the crime rate increasing about 20 percent, the magistrate court is the front line of all this in the judicial system,” said John Unger, a former Berkeley County magistrate.

Berkeley County is the fastest growing county in the state and I want to work and serve to make Berkeley County a safe community to live in.

A magistrate is elected by the people from among the people.

Integrity. Honesty. Commitment.

Allow me to serve as your Magistrate in Berkeley County






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David DeHaven for Magistrate
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